Are You Voluminously Challenged?

 Maxius Beauty Adjust-a-Curl
Ok, ok, I know you love your flat iron, and enjoy that silky smooth style, but there is a difference between straight and FLAT.
Are you voluminously challenged? I bet you haven’t thought about using a curler to pump up your straight style! How ingenious…

If you are looking tons of volume, check out the latest Adjust-a-Curl from Maxius Beauty – our BFF who makes the Maxiglide. These innovative curlers do everything from creating curls of every size to adding a serious amount of lift and volume to straight styles. Curlers for straight styles? YES! Love that va, va, va, voom volume? You’ll be thanking us for this tip after just one use.

To Start Using Maxius Beauty Adjust-A-Curl:
For best results, before the first use, roll Adjust-a-Curl to the narrowest diameter (about 1 1/2″) 3 times from each direction to “train” the new roller into ‘rolling’. Make sure that the roller is tape/rough side out when using.

Adjust a CurlFor ROOT LIFT with Adjust-A-Curl
This innovative styling technique can only be achieved by the Adjust-a-Curl.
1- Begin at the hair line at the neck and work upward.
2- Roll Adjust-a-Curl half way, leaving about 5″ unrolled.
3- Follow steps 1 & 2 of the dry set instructions.
4- Place the end of the Adjustable Roller at the roots of the section of hair. Place the remainder of hair flat over the flat part of the roller. Let the ends fall free.
5- Lightly spray hair with soft hair spray for better hold.
6- Repeat on all sections of hair moving upward on scalp.
7- Leave rollers in hair for 5 to 15 minutes. The longer the rollers are in, the longer the style will last.
8- To remove, start at the lowest roller by the neck line, lift section of hair up and slowly remove roller.

You’ll flip for the volume you get with these babies (oh, and they really are great for curls too!) To learn more about Adjust-a-Curl, and all of the other fab finds from Maxis Beauty, visit our Maxiglide section.


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