The Ultimate Paddle Brush from GHD

ghd Professional Ceramic Paddle BrushGHD’s Ultimate Paddle Brush
Are you looking for the best brush ever? Look no further. The GHD Professional Paddle Brush will be your ultimate styling must-have. It is made with high quality, hi-tech ceramic compound bristles to detangle, smooth and straighten even the thickest hair out there. This anti-static technology creates a static free shine while brushing and blow drying your hair into silky smoothness. And trust me, this brush means business. It safely smoothes out the most unruly locks with ease with the super-broad base allowing you to glide down larger sections at a time. Plus it has a comfortable, anti-slip, rubber grip handle makes it easy to control your brushing and styling. If you have a lot of hair, you’ll flip for this wide brush, it will get through a mountain of hair in minutes, and it’s salon approved, of course!
Go ahead, brush your hair into submission with the ceramic bristles and anti-static technology in the GHD Paddle Brush, it’s sure to become your new favorite styling essential. Visit our GHD section to see more must-haves. 


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