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HAI elite of San Diego, California, have created both HAI classic and HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools and implements. The president of the company, Richard Ouellette is a hairdresser and an inventor who felt that stylists around the world needed tools that would allow them to enhance their creativity by straightening, smoothing, curling, and creating directional shape in hair. The superior line of HAI elite Ceramic styling tools was developed for salon professionals by professionals, led by world-renowned designer Phillip Wilson through our six Southern California based Salons. The HAI elite tools are the latest addition, and were created with the most current innovations in materials and design.

HAI elite Tong 2O.R.M.
HAI elite prides itself in being leaders in innovation with new age ceramic tools providing stylists enhanced comfort effectiveness and creativity. The body of the HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons is designed with Optimum Resonant Materials consisting of Tourmaline, Serpentine and Chinon. This combination purifies, stabilizes and deodorizes hair. By emitting both negative and positive ions the ORM actually improves the condition of the hair! Shown: HAI Elite Tong 2″ Styling Tool.

HAI elite Rod Styling ToolCeramic Fusion Technology
HAI elite utilizes “ceramic fusion” technology, the same used on Space Shuttle. Ceramic Fusion technology is the layering of a solid ceramic plate, a very thin layer of metal (aluminum) to conduct consistent heat, then another layer of ceramic with a heater running through, offering surround heat- designed to last in a professional environment. Power fuses the two substances together preventing any rough spots, cold spots, chemical stains, or chipping, while insuring complete transmission of a high degree of far infrared rays. Shown HAI elite Rod Ceramic Styling Iron.

HAI Elite Digistik Hair StraightenerMEGA Ion Producing Technology
HAI elite utilizes negative Ion technology – with the infusion of Tourmaline the HAI elite fine ceramic tools we increase the output of IONS that give off both positive and negative electrical charges that act as antioxidants which produce health. With the MEGA Ionic technology we are able to entrap moisture in the hair and seals the cuticle for beautiful shine and condition. Shown: HAI elite Digistik Styling Tool.

HAI elite Turbo Hair DryerFar-infrared Heating
Far Infrared heat works on an atomic level to ionically charge the hair. Far infrared heat locks in color and seals in moisture resulting in healthier hair. With the far-infrared heat, HAI elite ensures the professional hair designer protective control over various hair types and conditions, including chemically fragile and chemically straightened hair, by sealing in natural oils and moisture to the cuticle. Shown: HAI Elite Turbo HAIonic Hair Dryer.

Innovations in Design
HAI elite fine ceramic tools offer flash heating in seconds, are superbly balanced, light in weight, attractive and extremely stylist friendly with 10-foot swivel chords to maximize work convenience. HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons have beveled edges, which are essential for complete control in straightening, curling or adding flip to the hair with a simple twist of the wrist. Built for professionals our circuit board heating elements have grommets to keep secure prior to soldered.

Professional Temperature Controls
HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools operate at 110 volts, 50 watts and are set at 170 degrees, with flash heating from .05 seconds. The digital heat adjusts from 60 degrees for fine hair and up to 390 degrees for straightening and controlling long, thick, curly and unruly hair.



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