Murad's Prescription for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Did you know?
        Percentage of women suffering from excessive hair loss:  40%
        Percentage of men suffering from excessive hair loss:  65%
        People lose an average of 90-100 hairs a day

With statistics like that, it’s a good thing Dr. Murad came along! Murad hair care is a patented scalp treatment program developed by Dr. Howard Murad. This Professional Scalp Treatment replenishes, balances and protects the scalp, ensuring the proper environment for healthy hair to grow and develop. These exclusive hair treatment formulations are unique and highly effective for all hair types. The patented products are both natural and effective…a powerful combination.
As a practicing Dermatologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles, Dr. Murad has treated thousands of patients who suffer from thinning hair and problem scalps. Based on the knowledge that healthy hair must start with a healthy scalp, Dr. Murad’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients are designed to nourish and protect the hair and scalp. The treatment program was created to replenish and balance the scalp first. Once the scalp is cleansed, nourished and hydrated, it insures the proper environment exists for healthy hair to grow and develop. 
Follow Dr. Murad’s daily prescription for healthy hair and scalp:
Murad Color-Treated Shampoo STEP 1
  Cleanse the scalp to remove dirt, dry dead skin and environmental pollutants along with  the build up of DHT.
As you massage into your hair, the therapeutic lather from Murad Color-Treated Shampoo creates a clean healthy scalp environment.
Murad Color-Treated ConditionerSTEP 2
Condition: Condition the scalp to strengthen the fragile hair follicle for healthier hair. This moisturizes and maintains balance while nourishing healthy hair growth.
Created from natural ingredients, Murad Fine Hair Conditioner moisturizes the hair and scalp and nourishes healthy hair growth.
Murad Scalp SerumStep 3
Treat: Treat the scalp to a pampering massage for follicle stimulation. This formula improves circulation and nourishes healthy hair growth, and it’s a treatment you can do at home.
Treat your fine, thinning hair by stimulating the hair follicles while using Murad Fine Hair Serum

Murad Volumizing AirfoamStep 4
Style: Style the hair with styling aids containing antioxidants and vitamins that will nourish the hair and not build up on the scalp or damage the hair follicle.
Thicken and strengthen your hair while creating body, volume, and shine with Murad Volumizing Airfoam.

About Murad Professional Scalp Treatments
The Murad Professional Scalp Treatment System contains patented formulations, which means you can only get these powerful benefits from Murad. Dr. Howard Murad has formulated a proprietary blend of ingredients to nourish and protect the hair and scalp. The most scientifically effective, yet natural, ingredients are used to deliver the best possible results.

How hair growth happens
Hair grows in phases: As the follicle grows, new hair replaces the old one that has fallen out or will be pushed out by new hair. If the scalp is not well cleaned, hydrated and nourished, the new growth will be blocked and the follicle will become forever dormant. It is very important to maintain a healthy scalp in order to avoid excessive hair loss. 
Follow Dr. Murad’s prescription for the most scientifically effective, yet natural, ingredients that deliver the best possible results.

For more information and product details, visit our Murad Hair Care section.


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