A Champagne Toast for Shiny Hair

Hmmm… What to do with all of that extra champagne from New Year’s Eve? If you are lucky enough to have any leftover bubbly, and want a full head of super shiny hair, read on! 

ChampagneThis is an old beauty tale for sure, and one that I’m particularly fond of – pouring some of your favorite champagne through your wet hair to add a soft, glistening shine. It’s a tiny bit decadent but a special treat I think of every New Year’s – big surprise there. I hope you give this one a try, just remember to save at least 2 cups of ‘old’ champagne – not freshly opened. I like to keep one cup to pour through my hair, and one cup to drink of course!

First mix 1 cup of champagne with 1 cup of hot water together. Quick and easy. Then it’s best to put the mixture in a bottle that you can easily use to pour over your head. If you can do this in the tub or sink over a large basin, it helps. You should be able to catch the rinse and pour it over your hair again. I’m a big fan of three rinses, but you could definitely stick with one if you choose.

On freshly washed wet hair, pour the mixture through your hair into the bowl so you can catch the mixture and repour over your head again twice more. Don’t rinse out.

Then blow dry, style as usual while you drink that other glass of champagne and toast your shiny new ‘do.

Happy New Year!


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