Going Curl Crazy with Caruso

Caruso SalonPro HairsetterBy far, Caruso is one of the cult-favorites among curl-divas everywhere, for good reason – it works so well. The curls created with the Caruso Hairsetters are so long-lasting, once you try the Caruso you are hooked for a lifetime. With such a great track record and a large base of loyal followers, Caruso knows the secret: Curls love to bounce!

Here’s a quick snapshot on how Caruso creates the longest lasting curls ever:

1. First infuse your Caruso soft foam roller with gentle steamed moisture.

2. Then simply wrap each section of hair around on the infused roller and cover with a shield. Remember to vary the direction of each roller to create a natural, curly look. Keep thinking “curls are carefree, never structured.”

3. The patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speedy results if used with your hair dryer. Either way, as the steam evaporates, it’s transferred to the hair, locking in each curl.

4. Gentle moisture penetrates to the hair’s molecular core allowing it to relax and bend. Curls love to bend.

5. As moisture evaporates, hair is “set” in curled position. And I mean SET. Like, all day set.

Did you know?
The molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing. Because there is no damaging heat, you can use the Caruso Professional system as often as you like. Simple, gentle steam works like magic creating the frizz free, soft curls everyone wants.

And talk about curls! With the Caruso the curls you can create are soft and bouncy and keep their shape (and bounce) all day long. The curls also last well into the next day if you are one of those every-other-day type of stylers.


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