Discover ABBA Pure and Natural Hair Care

Abba True Curls ShampooDoes your shampoo utilize a cocktail of herbal extracts such as Cinnamon Bark Extract, Lavender Flower Extract, Basil and Comfrey, Oregano and Thyme? Mine does. Talk about antioxidant properties and herbal goodness. Pictured: Abba TrueCurls Curl Enhancing Shampoo.

Does your conditioner contain Certified Organic Papaya Extract to moisturize dry, brittle hair? Or include Banana Extract and Lactic Acid for added protein?  Wheat Gluten and Soy Protein to prevent against breakage? How about White Tea to deactivate free radicals? Mine does! Are you jealous yet? Then…

Abba Instant Recall Curl ActivatorMeet ABBA Pure & Natural Hair Care - scientifically formulated with botanical extracts, essential oils and enriching nutrients to revitalize hair from the inside out.

Did you know? All ABBA products are:
100% Vegan: Powered by earth-pure botanicals, and contain no animal ingredients.
DEA Free and Free of Synthetic Dyes: Safe for use on color treated hair.
Eco-Sensitive Salon Formulas: ABBA embraces a global concept of high value and quality without compromising the environment. All product bottles and tubes are fully recyclable.
Cruelty Free:  Never tested on animals.
Abba True Shine Shine ElixirThese cruelty free, DEA free, shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair care therapies are 100% vegan and harness the healing power of nature for pure performance. Free of animal proteins and carcinogens, ABBA embraces a global concept of high quality and value without compromising the environment. All ABBA products are eco-sensitive salon formulations free of sulfates and synthetic dyes, and are designed to treat specific hair needs. 

Whether you are looking to add balance, moisture, or shine, maintain curls or color or just detoxify, you can experience the latest in plant, herbal and aroma therapies with ABBA, the secret to beautiful hair.  Pictured: Abba TrueShine Shine Elixir. Swing by our ABBA Hair Care section to see more.

I’m a huge fan of natural botanicals, and any products that are safe AND effective get an A+ in my book. If you like a bevy of botanicals too, check out our  ABBA Ingredient Glossary, you’ll find out just what all those good-for-you herbs really do!


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    this is awesome, i’ll try and recommend this to my friend who works as a florist in Lakewood.

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