The Scoop on Curling Flat Irons

I’m shopping for a flat iron that will straighten my hair all the time but be used to create curls sometimes. What’s your favorite flat iron for creating curls or are they all the same?
– Sue via email

FHI Platform Tourmaline Flat IronThe good news now is that most flat irons on the market today have a curved edge design so they can create curls as well as straight styles with almost all of them. If you like how well the flat iron performs on your hair when you straighten, most likely it will create nice curls for you as well. Finding the best iron for your hair type and texture is the most important step.

Once you have found a flat iron that straightens well for you, depending on your natural hair type, length and texture, how well your hair takes and holds the curl usually just takes a little more practice and a little more product.

To learn how to create curls with a flat iron, I’d suggest a little light reading to help you get started. We can show you how to achieve that carefree curly look. It just takes a little practice, patience, and the right tools – check out our step-by-step instructions here: Flat Irons Really Do Create Curls!

I would definitely suggest using a little curl cream first to help coax your hair into creating the curls, and then use the tiniest bit of texturizing product after you’ve finishes to help lock those curls in place. No one wants droopy flat curls – they should be outlawed. Curls should always be bouncy and have lots of movement, and they can, thanks to all of the curl friendly products out there!

As for my personal favorites, I like the FHI Platform (pictured above), the CHI Turbo, and the GHD MK4 for creating curls on my hair type – thick and straight with a tiny bit of texture. Both of these irons seem to grab my hair very well when I style. I will also say these irons work extremely well for me when I straighten my hair, so I know I’ve found the right irons for my hair type and texture.

You might want to check out our Curling Flat Irons section to help find the tool that works for you.


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