Abba Natural Ingredient List

Abba Hair CareAt StyleBell we are absolutely gaga over ABBA Pure and Natural Hair Care. The ingredient list on the shampoos, conditioners and styling products is so yummy…but what does is all mean? Here is a quick glossary of the key ingredients in the ABBA products we like so much, and how each herb and extract pampers your hair with a bounty of botanicals.

Key Ingredients:

Arnica – Herbal therapy for conditioning

Banana Extract – Certified organic, natural source of protein, calcium and potassium, great moisturizing agent for dry, brittle hair.

Biopen – An all natural preservative, utilizes a cocktail of herbal extracts that provide benefits to the hair in addition to acting as a product preservative.

Basil – Adds moisture and prevents split ends

Chamomile – Herbal therapy for conditioning

Cinnamon Bark Extract – Controls scalp and skin oil

Comfrey – Adds moisture and prevents split ends

Conditioning emollient and shiner – Provides sheen and lubricity

Echinacea – Adds moisture and prevents split ends

Fruitbio Complex – A complex of fruit acids in association with green tea found to smooth hair cuticle and repair damage. Works well on permed or color treated hair. 

Horsetail – Adds moisture and prevents split ends

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein – Natural protein for added strength and increased hair moisturization.

Japanese Flower (Orange, Jasmine, Rose and Oak Moss) – Essences provide a balancing aromatherapeutic aura

Jojoba – Imparts moisture and shine

Lactic Acid – Natural AHA, derived from fermented beets, has intense hydrating properties

Lavender – Herbal therapy for conditioning

Lavender Flower Extract – Refreshes and soothes

Lemongrass and Orange Peel Oil – Provides added luster and sheen

Lupin Amino Acids – Small powerful proteins aid in moisture retention and increased hair strength.  

Moisturizing Phytoamine Biocomplex – Extracts, Proteins, and Amino acids, combined, to promote hair moisturization.

Oregano Extract – Natural anti-oxidants and antiseptics

Papaya Extract – Certified Organic, high in vitamins C and A, provides mild exfoliation properties and moisturizes hair and scalp.

Panthenol (Provitamin B) – Adds protective properties to hair, preventing breakage and helps moisturize, while building body and volume to hair. Increases shine and manageability and ease in combing.

Rice Bran Oil – Improves the condition and manageability of the hair.

Rosemary Extract – Adds luster and shine

Thyme Extract – Natural anti-oxidants and antiseptics

Wheat Gluten - Natural proteins for added strength and increased hair moisturization.

Wheat Protein – Rebuilds strength and elasticity to dry hair.

White Tea – Powerful antioxidant, which deactivates free radicals and oxidants providing healthier, shinier hair.  

Wow, that’s a lot of good-for-you botanicals and herbs all rolled into one best-selling line of hair care. Whether you are looking to add balance, moisture, or shine, maintain curls or color or just detoxify, you can experience the latest in plant, herbal and aroma therapies with ABBA, the secret to beautiful hair.

Feel free to check out our ABBA Hair Care section for specific product details.  

-Curly Belle

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