My Color-Treated Hair is Dull!

I have dry, color-treated hair that looks dull. What products will work for me to make my hair look healthy and keep the color looking good? I don’t want my color to oxidize, it cost me a lot! – Karen via email

As you know, dry hair that is also color treated needs special attention. You want your hair to be soft, shiny and healthy without stripping and causing more dryness, or fading and ruining your color. The good news for you is that there are a lot of color-treated lines of hair care that are created especially for hair like yours. You should definitely check out the color protection hair care from CHI, they have an entire product line that will treat any hair concern, not just dryness, while keeping your color vibrant. For your particular concern I’d go for the moisturizing system. It’s a three part program that will fight dryness and keep your color strong and shiny:
With these three easy steps your hair will be soft and vibrant in no time! You should also check out our Color Protection Hair Care section, it’s full of products dedicated to keeping color-treated hair looking its best. You spend good money on your color and we know you don’t want it to fade out or dry out. These products will keep your hair and your wallet happy!

-Straight Belle

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