10 Tips to Fall in Love with Your Hair

1 – Practice Smooth Moves: Sleek and smooth looks are a snap with a professional flat iron loaded with snag-free, ceramic technology and most will create curls with a flick of the wrist.

2 - Have the Right Energy: An ionic hair dryer will deliver impressive ionic activity directly to your strands to smooth your rough hair cuticles into silky submission in half the time.

3 - Be Well Rounded: Great for straightening and curling, a round styling brush is an absolute must-have for any styling scenario.

4 - Befriend a Dynamic Duo: Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner combo suited for your individual hair type will give your locks the love they need.

5 - Use Potent Potions: Mousse, wax, serum or spray, a great styling product will keep all your hair cares away.

6 - Find a Wingman: Just like any good wingman, a finishing spray will support your efforts and make you look your best – always. Take the time to find one that’s got your back (and the front and sides).

7 - Treat it Right: Whether your hair is fine or oily, damaged, dry or in between, a good treatment product will help keep those tresses in tip-top shape, but only if you use it regularly.

8- Switch it Up: If your strands are straight go curly, or how about a wavy look with a dual barrel waver and some surf spray? Or posh POB haircut? Go ahead, try a new ‘do!

9 – Play Dress Up: Adding a simple strappy headband, a satin scarf, or bold barrette will enhance your hairstyle and your mood. It’s a win-win.

10 – Protect, Protect, Protect: Make sure you take the time to use a thermal protectant every time you turn on the heat. Yep, every time. Healthy hair is happy hair.

Falling in love with your hair is easy! I hope these simple tips help you love your locks.


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