What’s So Great About Silk in Hair Care?

Everyone wants silky hair. Silky shine. Silky straight. Silky soft. Silky smooth… but does adding silk really make a difference? I figured our friends at BioSilk would be definitely up for the challenge. Hey, if you put the word silk on your product I’m guessing you’ve done your homework. Of course they have.

According to BioSilk, silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids found in human hair. These amino acids create a strong bond with your hair strands and are able to reconstruct the damaged areas, creating a smooth cuticle. I love the word reconstruct in any form of hair care. That means bye, bye roughness, hello smooth cuticles.

Silk is also able to reinforce – another great word in hair care – the strength of your hair to prevent damage from heat styling appliances. (Who me? What flat iron?) Silk will also help repair and strengthen the hair from the inside out which improves elasticity thereby reducing breakage and further damage. Me likey the silky so far.

Allure Award BadgeHave you ever noticed you can use a serum-y type liquid like BioSilk Silk Therapy and you’d think it would leave your strands greasy and oily, but somehow it doesn’t? Yes, it’s the good ol’ silk again. It’s a very strong fiber, comparable to steel, that is able to surround the hair strands increasing the strength. This provides more body and volume without weighing the hair down. I wouldn’t suggest any silk skyscrapers, but for stronger hair, go for it.

You’d think that would be enough, but wait there’s more. Silk is also able to protect hair and hair color from the elements, damaging UV rays, pollutants, and of course frizz. I’m sure you’ve heard that BioSilk Silk Therapy has received the Reader’s Choice Award from Allure Magazine for best de-frizzing product three years in a row. Best frizz fighter for three years? From Allure? That’s no easy task. And don’t forget shine. Unparalleled shine.

Strength, repair, protection and shine? Talk about a bounty of benefits. Even better, there are shampoos, conditioners and treatment products (ahem, BioSilk, Terax, CHI) that utilize the power of pure natural silk so you can treat your tresses to the power of silk anytime.


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