Celeb Style: Christian Siriano

Christian SirianoOf course Christian Siriano is Project Runway’s fan favorite. Who else could it be? We all know he’s fierce and ferosh. He’s been telling and showing us all season. He’s extremely creative, super talented and of course I should mention his edgy little hairdo. Half tiny woodland creature, half serious, it’s this close to an emo hairstyle. Plus, he adores his flat iron (I’d pick up a ghd IV 1/2″ mini flat iron for this style) and his giant can o’ hairspray as much as I do – what’s not to love? You go Ferocia Coutura, you really are our favorite. Best of luck in Bryant Park we can’t wait to see your collection.

Consider this short video homage to your hairstyle and fierceness. 

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  1. February 26, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Christian is totally fab! I really hope he wins. And his hair, while crazy, is actually pretty cool! :)

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