Choosing the Correct Hair Color

Deciding on a new hair color isn’t always easy. How do you choose which color is best for you? Those tiny swatches on the boxes of hair color just don’t cut it, do they? Don’t be afraid to enlist some help from your stylist! Armed with a ton of hair-color swatches (and potions that help create these colors) a professional stylist is able to consult with you to help you find the color that works best with your skin tone and eye color. Don’t worry, my stylist has assured me that even if you don’t have your salon do the coloring for you, they are still happy to help you find an at home choice that will suit your strands. The best part? No more holding up the box to your head and asking a friend what she thinks. The video below shows some tips on how a stylist will help uncover the best haircolor for a client.


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