Five Must-Have Hair Tools Under $5

Bobby PinsEveryone should have these five hair essentials from the drugstore, they are all super-inexpensive, but worth their weight in gold.

Bobby pins – The perfect solution for strays, last minute updo’s and other quick fixes, especially if you’re out for the evening. Someone I know is always looking for a bobby pin when a group of us go to the ladies room, and I’m a star when I come to the rescue.

Ponytail Bands – No slip hair bands, elastic headbands and ponytail holders are perfect for ponytails, buns and pulling all of your hair off your face. There is always one on my wrist, but it usually doesn’t stay there for long.

Barrettes – Simple or flashy, large or tiny, you can’t go wrong with a barrette. A simple clip can work wonders on your style and your mood, especially if the front pieces aren’t being agreeable that day. Just pull them to the top of your head, or over to the side, clip ‘em and go. You’ll love how cute it looks.

A Rattail Comb – This is sure to become your new BFF if you ever want to add tons of volume to your style. A few quick teases will transform your hair from flat to fat in seconds flat. Just don’t go nuts. Think volume, not beehive.

Foam or Plastic Rollers - Ok, you had them in grammar school, but hey, they work. Keeping a small package around comes in handy when you want to create curls with the least amount of time and effort. Adding a few quick curlers before you blow dry might eliminate the use of your curling appliance altogether. Foam or plastic? Either kind is great in a pinch.

These five drugstore finds will help keep your hairstyle in tip-top shape on a daily basis without breaking the bank.


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  1. Clare
    March 5, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    I absolutely agree with you! What about headbands for different look? Also, if you’re a mom, what about your little girls and hair bows or clippies (the ones that don’t slip out of her hair!)?

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