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  1. April 7, 2008 at 12:23 am

    All hair product companies, whether a professional line or one sold over the counter (OTC), are competing with each other in the same confines of product development. They create water soluble products that make hair do wonderful things. This pertains to styling aids such as mousses, gels, hair sprays, mud’s or putties, thermo protectors, conditioners (leave-in and rinse-out), moisturizers and many more. While searching the internet and communicating in website forums and chats, women are hesitant to believe facts about products that can be superior. Many fall into the same mindset as hair stylists as they fall in love with a certain product or product line and will not budge towards trying something new and innovative. In other words, they are closed to new ideas.

    Product manufacturers saturate the shelves with products for every hair issue. They tweak products like a gel that either sprays, foams, pours or pumps. They change the scent, the packaging and name the product with catchy titles like Bedhead, Superstar Queen Spray, CHI Helmet Head Spritz, Hair Big Sexy Hair Flip It Over Spray and many others to grab the attention of the consumers purse.

    I have nothing against these products and some work very well but consumers are on overload with huge investments of products that offer hope and the desire to ultimately have perfect hair. Curly headed girls layer product over product sharing their successes with each other and are resistant to look at products that may cut down the time in the dressing room and not have to dance around the flames of rituals.

    Finally there is a product that is set apart from all of the others. It’s the first truly innovative product to hit the hair scene in 15 years. A line that is simple and essential to the ultimate performance of your favorite product. The manufacturer is Sabino Hair Solutions and their star performer is Moisture Block. Sabino has developed the first waterproof product for hair. Why would someone want to waterproof (climate control) their hair? Simple, once you can wrap your mind around it. Moisture control is the single most important factor in how your hair looks and feels. When the hair is towel dried it has the perfect level of moisture-10 to 11%. The minute the hair is dried and hits the elements (humidity), water soluble products start evaporating immediately (water can’t hold up to water (humidity)-right? Moisture Block solves this problem by waterproofing the hair. It provides a 100% barrier to essential moisture leaving the hair or excess moisture coming in.

    Conditioners are water soluble so they dilute or dissipate leaving hair vulnerable. So the next thing to do is use more product so the cycle starts over and over again until it’s time for a new bottle. Now let’s take that same conditioner and lock it in with Moisture Block. Once the product is locked into the hair, climate changes and heat from blowers and irons are challenged. When using irons, the heat actually drives Moisture Block deeper into the hair shaft with the conditioner for maximum effectiveness. If you take these same facts and use them with other products (whether natural or not), Moisture Block makes the product out perform its designed purpose. This means that your products will be used less and last longer.

    Sabino Hair Solutions came up with this technology because just designing another product with a gimmicky name wasn’t going to cut it. It would have ended up in someone’s bathroom shelf along with all of the other dusty products. Sabino Hair Solutions technology out performs all other products when it comes to climate control for your hair. So instead of competing with water soluble lines, Sabino’s products actually make your current products more powerful and worthy of your hair.

    Moisture Block contains only 2 ingredients. They are the highest quality cosmetic silicones you can find. There is no water, alcohol, color, fillers or fragrance. There are those that believe that silicones weigh down the hair or build up. This is because water soluble products are made with oils, alcohol, or other useless additives. They leave a residue and make the hair feel heavy. Moisture Block does not weigh hair down or build up and comes out with any shampoo or “no poo”. Also remember that when you “no poo” you actually create a build up of conditioner so the hair will not lift or fly away. Why not try a product that keeps hair shiny, light, touchable and completely frizz free?
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