Natural Henna How To

If you have hair that is relaxed, permed, damaged or fragile you might be wary of getting chemical coloring. Enter henna. This natural colorant is plant derived and a more gentle alternative to the harsh chemicals and peroxide in most hair color dyes. A quick consultation with your stylist will help you select the right color based on your natural hair – results will vary from person to person. Also ask for a quick patch test to make sure it is 100% natural henna and that you do not have any allergies before undergoing the coloring. 

Henna is long-lasting permanent color, but it will still will wash out and lighten over time due to blow drying, sunlight and other factors. This comprehensive video is a great way to learn about the henna application process. You’ll be interested to see the use of olive oil for hydration and shine, and eggs for protein and strength!

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  1. April 2, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Great article. I’d like to point out though that henna never lightens hair, it darkens hair which is why it’s recommended that you start with a color one shade lighter than your current hair. I love henna. I’ve got hair to my butt and henna never damages my hair. I use Morocco Method henna and it’s fantastic.

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