PHYTO Universe, A Spa for Your Hair!

Phyto Universe

Phyto Universe

A brand new spa in NYC, just what everyone wants?!  Yes I am saying that sarcastically.  We really do not need another spa but what about a spa for your hair.  Now that is definitely newsworthy! 

PHYTO Universe is the latest innovation from Patrick Alès, the creator of the renowned botanical hair care brands, PHYTO and PhytoSpecific.  Situated in the heart of midtown Manhattan on the third floor of 715 Lexington Avenue at 58th Street, the center designed in conjunction with French architect, Anne Gernez, is the artistic dream of Patrick Alès.  His life-long mission: To treat the hair, scalp and skin with the utmost care and respect.  His vision? Create a destination where consumers and stylists alike can immerse themselves in the “universe” that is PHYTO: Plants.

Phyto Universe provides a complimentary Diagnostic and Expertise center which features two diagnostic stations where PHYTO experts analyze the hair and scalp with a “hair scope.” The scope magnifies the hair and scalp 200 times in order to properly diagnose its health and for the experts to prescribe targeted solutions.  They help solve any hair problem including hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp, hair breakage, and the list goes on.  You can also go even if you do not have any hair issues just to allow your hair and scalp to be completely pampered.   Sign me up.  I have made my appointment and will report back what I find.  Review to come soon!


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