Hillary Duff’s 21st Birthday & Pureology

Happy Birthday Hillary’s Duff!  Hillary’s 21st birthday was on Saturday and of course Hillary had to swing it in complete Duff style with beau, Mike Comrie.  Hillary was spotted before the big bash on the streets of NY at a local Children’s bookstore ubber casual.  Insiders have told StyleBell that each of the guests at the cozy bash, including sis Haylie and Nick Zano, received a Pureology gift basket including the Pureology Nano Shampoo and Nano Conditioner, Pureology Thickening Mist, and the Pureology Nano Wax.    

Whats good for Hillary’s friends and family is good for me.  I had to get my hands on the Pureology Nano Shampoo and Conditioner.  The Pureology Nano line of products includes, of course, Nano technology which helps to streghthen, moisturize, and improve your overall hair condition.  Added benefit Pureology is known to help retain hair color and has zerosulfates.

So lets put it to the test.  I opened the shampoo bottle and felt the consistency and smell.  It has a very luxurious feel to it and the smell is incredible, a cross between Jasmine and Roses.  I love it.  I used both the shampoo and conditioner and I really felt a noticable difference in my hair.  My hair was softer, manageable, and had an incredible shine.  Although the conditioner is supposed to be on the heavier side it did not weigh my hair down.  I have darker hair so many times the deeper conditioners can make my hair look greasy.  Not with the Pureology Nano.  I give this combo a definite thumbs up.  I know you all will love it!