Clean Your Hairbrush!

Does your hairbrush look like it just came out of battle?  Don’t worry I know exactly what you mean!  I found the perfect gadget that helps you keep your hairbrush tidy for as long as you have it. 

Olivia Garden, the maker of awesome hair brushes, has just launched a hair brush cleaner.  It definitely is an interesting looking gadget but don’t let the looks fool you – it really works.  You can use the larger side to rake through the brush bristles and the smaller side to clean a specific area of the brush. 

With a few simple swipes all of the hair and grime comes right off!  This definitley prolongs the life of your brush.  I love it!  Check it out at Oliva Garden

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  1. Jenna Marquez
    January 23, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    Leave it to Olivia Garden to come up with such a cool little gadget to clean hairbrushes. I love Olivia Garden brushes. They are great for my thick, curly hair. My absolute fave is this one:

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