Freida Pinto Hair and Hairstyle at the Oscars!


Freida Pinto, at the 2009 Oscar’s, looks fabulous with this embroidered blue dress and side swept low chignon bun.  Her hair is traditional and classic, however I believe the stylist could have finished it a little nicer.  I did see a few stray hairs!  I also have a feeling that her dress may look more captivating in person than in this picture.  I am not so sure about the one sided sleeve, a little figure skating like.  Freida Pinto is one of the stars of the fabulous movie Slumdog Millionaire which was the winner for best movie for at the Academy Awards!

This just in celebrity stylist Jeffrey Paul styled both Freida Pinto and Dev Patel’s hair using only Aveda products!  Read how to get Freida’s Oscar style now!

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