Belegenza Hair Products


Product Find Alert!  Recently I tried this incredible line of hair care products, Belegenza including a shampoo and conditioner.  Belegenza is committed to providing natural, eco-friendly, and effective products which I love!  I get products to review all of the time but this one really caught my eye.  What makes this line different?  Belegenza provides 8 – 33% active ingredients in a base of natural juices.  Most products contact on 3 – 5% active ingredients.  Belegenza products are all free from silicone and its derivaties, paba, parabens, phthalate, petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, sodium chloride and sodium lauryl sulfates.  Less is definitely more for me. 

I have been using the Belegenza line of products for the last few weeks.  Both products are fantastic and create a natural lightness and shine to my hair with incredible lift.  With natural ingredients like aloe, seaweed, honey, lemon, beet, coconut, green tea, nettle, and rosemary this is definitely a product must have!  Check them out at

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