Product Review: New HAI Elite HaiDraStik

haidrastikHAI Elite has just come out with a new wet to dry flat iron!  You all probably know HAI for its famous HAI Convertable Iron and the HAI Elite DigiStik.  Those irons are definitely staples in the industry.  Did you know that the Frederik Fekkai salon in Beverly Hills uses the HAI Irons?  HAI has decided to take it a step forward and introduce a new Damp to Dry flat iron/styler that can iron your hair and dry it at the same time!  Remember you should only use a Damp to Dry iron on 90% dry hair.  Otherwise it can damage your hair.

Description:   The HAI HaiDraStik is a 1.5 inch nano tourmaline iron with ceramic plates.  The iron has water channel strips so that the moisture from your hair can be quick evaporated from the thermal holes.  The iron goes up to 390 degrees F in just under 6 seconds and has a digital temperature gauge.  It comes with a 3 year warranty as well.
Feel:  The iron is a lightweight iron and is easy to use.  It is obviously heavier than a one inch iron but it won’t tire your arms.  The digital control is easy to use although it took reading the instructions manual to really figure it out.  There are 6 fixed temperatures on the temperature control which is a little different then what I am used to.  I usually can adjust the temperature to any temperature.  But I didn’t mind this.   
Usage:  I kept my hair a little damp after blow drying.  I turned it on to the lowest degree temperature and started to test out.  I then continued to adjust until I felt that I was getting the appropriate one pass straightening.  I felt that my hair straightened best at 360 – 390 degrees F.  You could use the lower temperature if you have fine hair or chemically treated hair.  It took me about 15 minutes to iron my entire head which is about average.   
Results:  The HAI HaiDraStik did really dry my hair while it straightened.  Remember my hair was about 90% dry so it doesn’t take much but it did do its job.  What I liked about it was that I didn’t hear any sizzling noises while I was straightening.  (Which yes I have heard with other non damp to dry irons)  The straightening results were great.  It straightened my hair within one pass – of course at the highest temperature.  The results were shiny, smooth, and silky.

Read more and buy the HAI HaiDraStik for $159.99.

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