Hair Clinic: What Hair Products Can I Use with a Wheat Allergy?


I have a known wheat allergy and my docter has told me to stop using haircare products with wheat based ingredients.  Do you know of any Shampoos and Conditioners that do not have wheat based ingredients?

Answer from our Expert Stylist:

simplyorganic shampooJessica Martignetti, Style ExpertSimply Organic shampoos and our Everyday and Moisture conditioners do not have any wheat (gluten) based ingredients. Gluten is the portion of flour that gives a porous, spongy texture to bread. It is also used as a base in many cosmetic powders and creams. Reactions in an allergic person can range from runny nose and itchy eyes to upset stomach to severe gas. Gluten allergies can also cause dermatitis herpetiformis, a chronic benign, skin disorder characterized by an intense burning and itching rash. If one has this allergy,  elimination of gluten from diet and topically applied personal care items is the best long term solution in my opinion even though there are certain medications that can be used as well to treat symptoms.

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