Clairol Beautiful Collection

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The ladies out there with relaxed hair have asked me time and time again whether they can color their after relaxing their hair.  Previously I would have said a resounding NO.  However now that answer has changed.  Clairol has recently launched the new Clairol Beautiful Collection one step semi-permanent hair color.  The color is a one step process.  So you just open the bottle and apply, wait 25 minutes, and then rinse out.  There is no mixing or mess!  Bonus – this hair color does not include ammonia or peroxide and yes it is safe to use after relaxing your hair.

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  1. Maria Silva
    November 18, 2009 at 10:37 am

    I truly like the BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION New advanced gray solution (no ammonia no peroxide). I just need to know how often I can use it

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