The Chignon Hits Fashion Week

I spent much of February preparing for or at Fashion Week, and let me tell you – it’s exciting, sure, but a lot more exhausting than it looks! However, it’s an exciting way to observe as trends are born. It’s also a way to revisit the classics! Look at shows like the Venexiana and Woman’s Mafia Fall shows at NYFW, and celebrities such as Victoria Beckham: The top knot or chignon is becoming one of the fastest growing hair trends for 2010, and we saw it here first. Want to be able to do it yourself at home? One of my favorite stylists, Philip Pelusi, along with creative director Jeffrey Reitz, created a variety of topknot looks seen during Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week. For Venexiana’s show, the Philip Pelusi design team utilized a knot he called “Empire Chignon”. A twist on the classic chignon, the hair created for Venexiana was architectural and took on new height – literally. Like Kati Stern’s design esthetic, the hair was couture, high fashion. Here are tips from the Philip Pelusi team for recreating the look from Woman’s Mafia (the Venexiana look is much more intricate): 1. Spray hair with P2 Refresh Hair to give hair texture 2. Divide hair into two ponytails: perimeter and crown 3. Pull the perimeter ponytail into a high nape 4. Spray again with P2 Refresh Hair 5. Pull a hair net over the ponytail and fashion it into “petals” The chignon may not be for everyone, but it’s absolutely worth giving a try at your next formal affair! By Aly Walansky

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