Kate Gosselin Has Had It!

kate Gosselin,kate Gosselin hair,kate Gosselin hair style,kate Gosselin hair do,kate Gosselin hairstyleKate this Kate that.  What is the obsession with Kate Gosselin’s hair?  Her hairstyle during the Jon and Kate Plus 8 show was just whatever but now she has become a hair icon almost like Sarah Palin.  Of course it forces me into having to talk about it since I write about hair.

Kate has been dancing away on Dancing with the Stars recently but most people are tuning in to see what her hair of the week will be.  Kate tells StyleBell, “The honest truth is I care so much less about my hair than everyone in America, obviously.  Rarely will I have an opinion or an idea. People care so much.”

Yes people do care so much and I want to know why?  Everyone please comment and explain.

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