Best Summer Hairstyles 2010

Nicole Ritchie,Nicole Ritchie side braid,Nicole Ritchie hair,Nicole Ritchie hairstyle,Jessica Alba,Jessica Alba hair,Jessica Alba hairstyle,Jessica Alba high bunWe have Elle’s best Summer Hairstyles for 2010!  What is in?  Nicole Richie’s ‘messy side-braid’ and Jessica Alba’s ‘high bun’ (to name a few.  Can’t pull those looks?  Bohemian, straight and slick, and head bands are the rage as well.  Take a night off and experiment with a new summer hairstyle.  It’s always fun to keep it new.

Want to see more Summer Hairstyle by Elle? Check out these fab styles for the summer@ Elle’s Summer Hairstyles 2010 Gallery.  I know they will give your inspiration for those mid summer nights out!

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  1. Beth
    April 18, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I thought Nicole Richie’s hair was kind of weird but I loved Jessica Albas. Thanks for the great blog post!

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