2010 Spring Hair Trends

This spring it’s all about letting your locks embrace the whimsical, refreshing atmosphere of the season. Below, Hallie Bowman, Celebrity Stylist for Pantene, shares an inside look at what to expect.

claire danes,claire danes hair,claire danes hair style,claire danes updo“Last season, we saw a lot of conventional looks – super sleek, tamed texture, perfect twists and classic chignons. When I think spring, I think unexpected playfulness, so I’m excited that the hair trends I’m seeing are in synch with the essence of the season. Classic styles will go to the extreme or, as I like to think, depressed winter hair is finally ready to be exposed again, yet looks will still maintain a genuine romantic feel that reflects the positive mood of warmer weather.”

  • Expect to see classic looks, deconstructed. Everything from deeper, more oddly angled side parts to random messy strands off to the sides will be added to enhance those been-there-done-that styles.
  • My term for a favorite trend I’m seeing – “Urban Romantic.” Hair is tightly pulled back in a pony with lots of wisps in front to frame the face. Instead of a completely sleeked-back method, adding texture can show off your personality. Crimp for attitude, wave for elegance or spiral for romance – style how you feel!
  • Lots of frizz will be in, frizzy curls included. Don’t bother repressing wild texture: embrace it, live it, love it. Free your frizz with intention and purpose, but don’t forget to polish your ends, try the Pantene Pro-V Smooth Serum, as you don’t want to lose total control.
  • Bows will be out in full force for spring, think huge 80’s-style Madonna bows. To counter an angelic sentiment bows usually portray, it’s time to be clever with your bow style. Disheveled, punky hair surrounding the bow gives a carefree, yet put-together look all at once.
  • Be prepared for the relapse of the thick, heavy eyelash touching bangs…it’s coming back.
  • The most playful trend I’m seeing – especially with the younger crowd – touches of pastel colors in hair. Take a section of hair underneath your nape, bleach it a pastel color and, voila, it’s a hidden treasure! Ashy colors like lavender, blue and purple tones will be popular.

By Aly Walansky

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