Enjoy the Season: Shades of Summer Color

hair color trend,summer hair color,color trendSummer is finally here. I know because I’m currently sitting outdoors with no jacket and an iced coffee. Being that it was freezing just two weeks ago in New York City, this is sweet reward, indeed.

But the coming of sunshine means we have to get our hair in order. Once we achieve that summer cut, color is next. And according to stylist Jet Rhys (jetrhys.com), color will be a big part of sunny weather.

Jet says if you are looking for an instant way to add oomph to your look, coloring your hair blonde on blonde is one of the beauty buzzwords that first comes to mind.

Blonde on blonde can enhance the face, add dimension and shine, and when done correctly, the effect is, well…heavenly. But highlighting isn’t the only option.

The 411 on Coloring Processes

Jet says to talk to your colorist to determine which of these techniques is best for you.

Highlights: Add light to the hair; best in shades of Vanilla and Gold. This technique adds brighter dimension to hair color and gives that extra Pop to your look!

Shine Lights: Instantly adds color to your skin. Used to make hair dimensional and breaks up an over lightened head of hair giving you that Superstar Shine.

Slicing: Using small sections of the hair with the closest application to the hair of all highlighting techniques. Adds Drama to your Blonde!

Baliage: Hair color or lightener is “hand painted” freestyle onto select strands of hair; a great way to personalize your color and pairs amazingly with textured or wavy hair.

Ribbons: Using medium sections of hair that are lightened randomly to create a Fabulously Fierce Highlighted Look. This can be achieved through foiling or Baliage.

Good luck! And please feel free to send in any comments or color questions!

By Aly Walansky

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  1. AZH
    May 19, 2010 at 11:49 am

    What kind of coloring techniques/advice would you offer to us girls with dark hair, i.e. black?

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