What does your hair say about you?

Blonds have more fun, red heads are sexy…

We all have ideas in our heads – no pun intended – about what our hair says about us. Of course, that said, many people have hair misconceptions when they think about what their style says about themselves. We consulted Romy Fazeli, beauty expert and creative director of Kymaro Health & Beauty/Spa Essentials, and he gave us some fabulous guidance.

paris hilton,short hair,hairstyle, short hairHair: The Sophisticate
Cropped hair signifies intelligence, openness and honesty; what you see is what you get. Shorter styles tend to make women appear older and sophisticated. To make this look a little edgier, playful and younger use hair paste to whisk the edges of your hair piece by piece.

Shoulder Length: Always A Classic
Medium-length hair portrays a classic, strong and powerful appearance. To make this look a little less intimidating use a small straightening iron to crimp your hair. This will balance the serious-look of your cut with a little spark of fun.

Long: Sultry Seductress
If long hair is well kept, it suggests confidence and sensuality, but messy styles may look like you are trying to distract from your flaws. If you want a more innocent look use a straightening iron to flatten the hair leaving you with a simplistic, un-mysterious aura.

Curly vs. Straight: Carefree or Polished
Waves give the impression of playfulness, warmth and a carefree nature, while straight hair give a look that’s more polished. You can wear your hair straight or curly to any of these above cuts to create a different “personality.”

Ponytail: The Simpletoncameron diaz hair,cameron diaz hairstyle,cameron diaz ponytail
A neat, traditional ponytail is the picture of poise that is ideal when you are looking to impress someone like your boss. A ponytail higher on the head with paired with a decorative clip gives you a more casual, energetic look. Where a ponytail low or high with straight or curly hair and you will notice a difference in every look.

By Aly Walansky

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