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art of consultation,redken,hair color,hair color perfectionAre you a new hair stylist just starting out in the world of color? Or do you own a salon and are trying to figure out how to assure that your stylists are providing the best color option for your clients?  Redken has just launched the new Art of Consultation, a step by step guide on how to step your color clients and the stylists through choosing the correct color.

Choosing the right color for your client’s hair can either enhance their facial features or squash those features.   There is an art to obtaining the information you need from the client to help allow you to make the right decisions.  Redken has shared there art to Color Perfection:

1) The Color: Do you have cool skin tone or warm skin tone? What is your client’s existing hair color? Redken has a very easy to use color skin tone palette that will help you determine whether your client is a cool or warm. There are also hair color swatches so that you can determine your clients existing hair color.   This will allow you to better determine the right color spectrum.

3) The Hair Type: What is your clients hair type? Is it dry, oily, thick, fine, coarse, thin, or chemically over processed?  These questions will allow you to determine what additional pre and post processes to perform on the client so that you will give your client optimal results.

2) The Application: Where should the highlights be applied? Honestly I never really thought about this step but this is as important a decision as any others.  Redken has created a guide Haircolor Placement & Design guide that allows you to determine your clients face shape.  Once the face shape is determined the chart will tell you the optimal location for the highlights, color, and  cut.  That is a ton of information.

3) The Grey: Do you have Grey?  The percentage of grayness in your clients hair will determine what type of color treatment you will use.  Redken has provided a swatch of grayness percentages so that you can compare your clients hair.

4) Your Lifestyle: What is your Lifestyle?  Do you work?  Are you at home?  What type of look are you trying to portray? How often do you get colored? How much time do you dedicate to your hair?  Do you have any special events coming up in the future?  These questions will help you determine the best type of color and level of color that your client should receive.   Redken’s Art of Consultation Kit includes a Customized Client Profiler so that these questions can be asked and recorded easily and quickly.

I think whether you are a hair stylist or not Redken’s Art of Consultation kit will help you better determine the perfect color.

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