Lady Gaga And Hair Loss, Really?

lady gaga,lady gaga hair loss,lady gaga hair,lady gaga hair styleHair loss, hair loss, hair loss!  What a frustrating issue that is barely talked about in the female circle of friends.  Why don’t we talk more freely about hair loss?  Lady Gaga recently told People Magazine that her hair is falling out because she is constantly dying it blonde. This is an issue that many women who color or chemically treat their hair experience on a regular basis. The chemicals and ammonia in the dye gradually break down the hair and lead to follicle damage, resulting in hair loss.  So let’s talk.

There aren’t many options for women after hair loss begins to occur – wigs suffocate the hair and make it weaker, and extensions can cause additional damage.   Getting the appropriate vitamins can help many situations that are not genetically induced.  One solution that celebrity stylists have found success with is Viviscal, an all-natural supplement that causes the hair to grow in thicker and stronger.

It is just a simple daily supplement that you take like a daily vitamin.   Viviscal will help generate the growth process from within and provide you with the nutrients that will stimulate growth.  It contains the exclusive AminoMar C Marine Complex that supplies vital nutrients needed to promote existing hair growth. This complex of fish proteins increases the body’s production of keratin and results in stronger, healthier hair.

Guido Palau, who works with celebs such as Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, has been quoted saying “I first heard of it from a model whose hair was over-colored, tremendously damaged… She started taking it, and when I saw her six months later, I was blown away by how much healthier her hair was and how long it had grown. Tons of girls take it now.”

Other celebrity stylists who are fans of the brand are Orlando Pita, Danilo, and Ricardo Rojas. Additionally, top models such as Jessica Stam and Karlie Kloss both take Viviscal to repair their hair after continual dying and heat damage.

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  1. Paulie
    April 13, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Lady Gaga will be just fine – hugs, kisses and hair xx00xx – Therapy-G

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