Ouidad’s Rake and Shake

Are you looking to promote your sexy luscious curls versus straightening them? Frizz free curls are just a few steps away with Ouidad’s Rake and Shake method.   Ouidad is the expert in curls and knows what she is talking about!

According to Ouidad, the trick to this method is to create the curl pattern while hair is damp and let locks dry naturally (or with a diffuser set to low heat).  For best results, follow with the following Rake & Shake styling method for perfectly defined, frizz free curls.

Follow these easy steps to unlock hair magic today and master the Rake & Shake method:

  1. Gently squeeze excess water out of wet hair and blot with a towel to pull out additional moisture
  2. Using outstretched fingers or a comb, add a leave in conditioning spray such as Botanical Boost to seal in moisture
  3. Divide hair into 4 to 6 sections
  4. Dispense a nickel sized dollop of styling product to palms and rub hands together; working one section at a time, separate fingers on one hand like a “rake” and rake the section from scalp to ends, spreading the styling gel throughout the section
  5. When you reach the end of the hair, gently “shake” hair back and forth to create curl in the hair
  6. Let go of the section and allow hair to fall
  7. Repeat the above steps for all sections using a dollop of styling product for each section
  8. Diffuse hair or let it dry naturally

Let us know how the Rake and Shake work for you!

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