Keratin Complex LashTransform

Do you want longer lashes and fuller brows today but don’t want to spend the cash for some outrageous lash enhancers like Latisse or Lilash?  We have found your answer!  One of our favorite brands has just launch an incredible new product called Keratin Complex LashTransform Amplifying Serum.  It does just that!  Once applied for about 3 weeks it will make your lashes look longer and your brows look fuller.

How does it work?  The LashTransform breakthrough technology combines the strengthening power of Keratin with Kerapeptides and Grape Stem cell technology to increase the speed and length of the last growth phase.  Together, these ingredients stimulate lash follicles and increase the speed and length of the lash growth phase.  Lashes not only appear darker, thicker and stronger – they grow longer and healthier.  Eyes look brighter, youthful and more defined, even without mascara.

Clinical testing showed that lash length increased by 25% and lashes were noticeable thicker in as little as three weeks of using Keratin Complex LashTransform.  Plush, LashTransform can even be used on think or sparse eyebrows to make them filler, thicker and healthier.

How to Use?  All you have to do is put the serum on your brows and above the lashes morning and night.  You will see results within 3 weeks.   I used it and loved it!  It really made my lashes look fantastic.

Read More about Keratin Complex LashTransform here!

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