Bridal Wedding Hairstyles

Kate Kate Kate!!  Yes it is major wedding season and everyone wants to get that perfect hairstyle!   What are our options?

Redken Session Stylist, Giovanni Giuntoli, created the fabulous looks at the Christos, Kenneth Pool, and Amsale collections, taking each in its own direction that will definitely inspire the 2011 Wedding Season!

wedding hair, wedding hair down, wedding hairstyles, wedding hair stylesEnd-of-Day Waves – seen at Christos
“This season the traditionally preppy Christos look evolved for the next generation, and the hair embraces this edgier attitude,” Giuntoli said. “The look is down, when it is typically up, resulting in a youthful, casual after-wedding look that’s flattering and flirty.”
To achieve the look, prep hair to add texture and extra hold with Redken wool shake 08 gel-slush texturizer and then layer on spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray.  Part the hair wherever it best reflects the face shape, whether it be left, right or center.  Set the curls with a 1-inch curling iron and pin in place until dry.  Let the curls out and pull until you have soft waves, finishing the style with fashion work 12 versatile working spray to achieve a silky matte finish.  “These waves are not tight, they’re fresh.  We’re trying to get away from the corkscrew,” Giuntoli explained.

Cutting Edge Pleat –seen at Kenneth Poolwedding hair updo, wedding hairstyle updo, updo, updo twist hairstyle
“This up-do reflects the high-end Kenneth Pool look, with a luxury finish to the hair.  This line is more avant-garde, more high-fashion, and so we created a striking, contemporary up-do that pushes the envelope,” Giuntoli said.
To create this look, prep the hair by blow-drying with aerate 08 bodifying cream-mousse, applying at the roots and through the ends for all-over body and texture.  Then fold all of the hair except for the front section two inches from the crown into a pleat.  Curl small sections of the front two inches with a one-inch barrel and pin each up in place atop the head.  “The curls add a softer silhouette for height and a light, airy texture that you can almost see through.”  Giuntoli said.  For added shine and hold, finish the look with pure force 16 non-aerosol fixing spray.

wedding hair ponytail, bridal hair, pony tail hair stylesStatement Pony – seen at Amsale
“This season of Amsale reflects another evolution and a new approach, with a natural, youthful ponytail with soft with volume at the crown for added glamour,” Giuntoli said.
Obtain this look by first sectioning off the hair at the crown, misting with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray and then back brushing for height.  “Play with the shape and height at the crown to keep it tailored to your face shape,” Giuntoli explained.  Next gather the hair into a pony and wrap a one-inch section around the elastic.  Leave a natural wave in the pony tail and mist with shine flash 02 glistening mist for a glossy polish.

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    I am getting married in a few months and this is really going to help!

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