What is Ombre Hair Color?

Ombre Hair Color

What is the deal with Ombre Hair Color?  A few months ago my hair stylist says, “You should darken the top and lighten up the ends of your hair.”  I said “Isn’t that called roots?”  She said “NO this is Ombre style hair coloring.”  Once said to me I started noticing that tons of celebrities are sporting this type of hair color.  If done properly it actually looks pretty cool.

How can you get this Ombre Hair Color naturally?  It definitely seems if you give it a month or so you can naturally create a ombre hair color if you highlight your hair.  Simple tip: When going out wear a hat on your roots and keep the rest of your hair out.  You will start to notice a subtle lightening of the ends.  This will give you the fab new Ombre Hair look!  Need help keeping that color looking healthy and shiny?  Try the Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil.  This will help you achieve that Ombre look without all of the split ends and dryness!

Ombre Hair Color

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