Cosmoprof 2010 Las Vegas Review

Cosmoprof 2011, beauty showCosmoprof 2011 in Las Vegas was a world wind of new products, new ideas, and new innovations.  StyleBell was graciously invited to cover this event and wow there was much to see.   What is Cosmoprof you may ask?  It is one of the largest beauty trade shows in the country.  I visit the show every year so that I can bring you the latest in products!

This Year’s Top 5 Trends of Cosmoprof 2011:
Nails, Nails and more Nails
2)    Feathers, Will They Last
3)    Keratin, They Are Definitely Here to Stay
4)    Argan Oils, So Soft Hair
5)    Eco-Favs – Still Struggling to Get Attention

Nails, Nails, Nails

So let’s get to the good stuff.  This year at Cosmoprof I saw more nail products than ever before.  From stick on nail polish to crackle nail polish everything was covered.  You know that I don’t normally cover nails but at this year’s show I definitely got the 411.  What are the biggest trends in nails you ask?

  • Gel Nail Polish – everyone on the show floor and many exhibiting wear wearing or selling Gel Nail Polish.  I Gel Nail Polishlearned a few major things about the Gel Nail Polish, it is very difficult to get it off.  Yes you have to soak them for a very long time in some chemical to remove.  There is also a special equipment when applying the Gel Polish.  This is definitely a commitment.
  • Stick on Nail Polish – Very cool stuff!  So you take this stick on nail polish and conture it to your nail.  Remove the excess and like magic you have nail polish.  They come in tons of fun prints and styles.  This is a must try.
  • Crackle Nails, shatter nails, opiCrackle Nail Polish – When you put the nail polish on your nails it has a Gothic crackle look to it.  I have to admit that I am more of a sparkle person but there is a place for the crackle.

These Nail trends were definitely dominating the show this year!

Check back for Trend #2 Feathers, Will They Last

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