Cosmoprof Trend #3 Keratin, They Are Definitely Here to Stay

Keratin, They Are Definitely Here to Stay

Although there has been so much hype about Keratin Treatments and the health issues Keratin companies have stakedkeratin, keratin treatment, brazilian keratin their claim and are definitely here to stay.  I can’t say that there has been any dramatic advancements in the treatments but the companies have gotten larger and more of them.  Most are now emphasizing the Keratin treatment, before and after, keratin, brazilian keratin0% Formaldehyde formulas as the better alternatives.  Companies like Keratin Complex, Global Keratin, and Bionaza were all in attendance.  Also there has been a much better focus on education of the stylists.   When used properly Keratin Treatments are safe for the customer.  As long as the stylist and salon has a proper ventilation system and uses the proper technique, Keratin treatments can be applied safely with no harm to the customer.  It is great to see that companies are putting the customer first!

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