Meet Calista Tools

calista tools, calista tools shampoo, calista tools quench, calista tools quench shampoo, quench shampooIt’s been a little while since we’ve highlighted a hair brand, so I’m excited to introduce you to Calista Tools. Calista Tools is a relatively new brand founded by Maria McCool and Donald Moore. The pair own Calista Grand Salon & Spa in West Chester, PA. Calista Tools is their response to the needs of their clients for affordable products that could recreate the styles they got in the salon!

Calista comes from the Greek word for beautiful, and each Calista Tools product is a tool for beautiful hair! Every product is designed to address a specific need or situation, from the shampoo to the styling tools. Every product was designed with a specific need in mind, making it very easy to decide what is right for you. Every person is able to create their own customized lineup of Calista Tools that will serve exactly what they want and need from their haircare. Very cool!

To “test out” the concept behind Calista Tools, I decided to build myself a lineup of products for someone with my hair type (fine, dry hair that has been color treated). It was a snap! Here’s the routine I came up with:

First, Quench Moisture Shampoo will moisturize my poor dry locks. Smooth Argan Conditioner will act as a treatment,calista tools smooth, calista tools conditioner, calista tools smooth conditioner infusing my hair with smooth shine and fighting frizz. After the shower, Achieve 10 Styling Cream will be my go-to multi-tasker. It will detangle, protect my hair from heat, and also shield my color from environmental fading all while blocking humidity and adding shine. On most days, those three will be plenty to achieve gorgeous, healthy hair. But if I ever want to shake things up with my style, Calista Tools has products designed for both wet styling and dry styling for any look I can think of!

And for those of you who have a hair problem that needs solving, but don’t know what the answer is, Calista Tools also has a library of video how-to techniques to fix common hair issues! Very cool.

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