L’Oreal Says New Drug Prevents Grey Hair

grey hair, gray hair, woman with grey hair, silver fox, fashionable grey hair, trendy grey hair, grey hair trendWe know that grey hair doesn’t mean you have to be dowdy or frumpy. Many celebrities embrace the “silver fox” look, so much so that we’ve even seen younger celebrities cop the look of silver locks for fun. But not everyone is as comfortable with going grey, and in a few more years you may not have to even worry about it.

L’Oreal has been in development of a drug to prevent color loss (greying) in hair for more than a decade, but now they say they are getting close. The drug would be taken daily like a nutritional supplement as a preventive measure before your hair goes grey. It utilizes fruit extract, and they say it is all natural. It won’t be available until 2015, but the news is encouraging for those of us who are not so sure we want to go silver just yet.

Would you be take this if it were available? I’m not sure. Some people do look fantastic with grey hair. I think I’d like to keep my options open. But if I were someone who had a history of greying early in my family, I might consider it.

What say you?

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