Dry Shampoo Solutions

Ever have a morning where you don’t have time to wash to your hair? Of course, haven’t we all? What you need in this situation is a product called dry shampoo. It usually comes in an aerosol can or powder form. StyleBell product junkie Deanna has tried three different brands and types of dry shampoo, and she’s going to walk you through them…

batiste, batiste dry shampoo, batiste tropical, tropical dry shampoo, batiste shampooBatiste Tropical Dry Shampoo
Batiste’s Tropical Dry Shampoo has a refreshing clean fragrance when sprayed. Always shake really well before using! It works best when applied to completely dry hair. Best to apply 1-2 sprays to roots of hair from about 5 inches away from head first. Then rub roots to get the best fresh look to roots once applied. Afterwards to get an even fresher look, apply one spray to each side of hair. Once applied, brush and rub through hair.

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powderkeratin complex, coppola keratin complex, lift powder, volumizing lift powder, keratin complex volumizing lift powder
This dry shampoo is in powder form and has a nice tangy fragrance. It comes with a small applicator brush to make applying it easier. The shampoo pours out on its own once tipped upside down.  There is also a plastic protector to keep the brush neat and clean. The shampoo comes in a small compact container which makes it great to travel with. Similarly to the Tropical Dry Shampoo, it is best to apply the shampoo to the roots of the hair first, 2-4 dabs of the powder to roots should do the trick! Once applied, rub it in to your scalp to get that fresh clean look. To get an even fresher look to the roots, a couple dabs of powder to each section of the hair could also be helpful. Again, once applied rub fingers through hair and finish off with brushing the hair.

finley hair powder, finley hair powder black, finley hairFinley Hair Powder
Finley makes a powder for hair color. The Finley shampoo has a nice rich fragrance. The shampoo blends nicely if used on the right shade of hair. Similarly to the Keratin Complex Powder Shampoo it works best when applied to the roots of the hair first. The powder can also be applied to sections of the hair to get an all around clean look. Because the Finley powder is colored, it needs to be blended with the hair once applied.

All three of these dry shampoos work really well for those looking to freshen up their hair between washes. They are great for girls on the go, and wonderful to toss in your car, gym bag, or locker.

If you have decided you need to add dry shampoo to your hair routine, Stylebell has several dry shampoos to choose from. Or browse more articles on dry shampoo!

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