A Fountain of Youth for Your Hair?

living proof, living proof products, living proof restore, living proof shampoo, living proof conditionerThe mad scientists at Living Proof are at it again. They claim their new product line, Restore, will make your hair look, feel, and behave like virgin hair. The implications here are big, because that means all the damage done by heat styling, coloring, and other things we torture our hair with can be easily reversed. I’ll be curious to see how this stuff works, because it sets forth some pretty lofty claims:

- Reduces hair’s porosity by 100% after 5 uses
- Hair is 20x more resistant to breakage after 5 uses
- Smooths hair cuticle
- Increases softness and shine
- Improves manageability and body
- Targets dry & damaged sites root to tip
- Protects against further damage
- Heals each strand over time

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? The line consists of a shampoo and conditioner (both $28 each) and a treatment mask ($42), all safe for use on colored hair. The price point of these products is pretty high, as are my expectations if I ever try these products. I am curious though, and will definitely report back if I get the chance to try ‘em out! Important to note though is some of those claims are really subjective. If you have very damaged hair you’ll see more of a difference than if you have decently healthy hair to start with (but then, this isn’t really for you then anyway now is it?).

Will you be giving Living Proof’s Restore a try when it hits stores?

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