Revitalizing Your Hair

pampering, revitalizing hair, hair treatmentsOne of my favorite things to do on a weekend (especially if it’s rainy or cold like it is today) is a little pampering. There are many deep conditioning treatments offered by hair salons, but there are also things you can do at home to bring your hair back to life after torturing it with heat styling and products. These tips are especially helpful as we head in to the winter holiday season. It seems starting with Halloween, our hair goes through a lot of styling for all of the various events and parties we go to! Here’s how to keep it looking great even though it’s getting a work out!

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Buildup on your hair causes it to look dull, flat, and blah (that’s a technical term). It can be caused by products, the environment, or even the water you use. It’s a good idea to keep a clarifying shampoo on hand to use every so often. Think of it as a deep cleanser for your hair.

Deep Conditioning

If this time of year has your hair looking dry and frizzy, never fear! All you need is deep conditioning. Many of us switch to a heavier, thicker lotion for the winter months; this is kind of the same thing for your hair. Deep conditioning can come in the form of a repair mask (a treatment you leave on for an extended period of time and then rinse out), or leave-in conditioning treatments. Deep conditioning products often contain nourishing oils to nurse your hair back to life, like macadamia or argan oil. Before you think “oil? why would I want OIL in my hair that I just deep cleansed?” remember not all oil is bad. Your hair produces oil naturally, and dry hair and scalp are the result of an imbalance. The oils in these hair products are specifically to restore that balance.

Give It A Break

If at all possible, give your hair some time to recuperate. If you have been blasting it with a hair dryer and liberal with the hair spray on a constant basis, take a break and let your hair air dry. If your hair is notorious for drying into an unmanageable poof, try braiding it first. Braids are a great way to keep hair looking neat and styled even when it’s wet. If you must use heat, try lowering the heat setting. Most heat styling tools get way hotter than we’d ever need. You’d be surprised just how much you can accomplish even on the lowest setting. For those of us who color our hair, lowering the heat setting has an added benefit. According to Sam Villa, Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, high heat destroys hair color. To maintain your hair color, use medium heat or less.

Always Use Protection

Not just for…well, that, but you should always use protection on your hair! Preventing damage in the first place is the best way to avoid having to do all this stuff to fix it! You’ve heard of using a heat protectant on your hair of course (and if you haven’t, you must be new here!), but there are also some styling products specifically designed to be used with heat. The heat actually activates their nourishing properties! Then the heat goes from a necessary evil to actually being helpful.


If you make sure to take good care of your hair, you can give it a fighting chance to recover. You might just save yourself a trip to the hair salon to cut it all off!

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