The Color Accelerator from Dennis Bernard

the color accelerator, TCA, dennis bernard, dennis bernard TCA, dennis bernard the color acceleratorAn accelerator is that pedal in your car that makes the car get more gas and go.  Likewise, the accelerator in Dennis Bernard’s TCA (The Color Accelerator) will speed up the process of hair color.  If your client comes in late for her appointment, if she wants her color done during her lunch hour, or possibly she wants to get her touch up completed quicker, then Dennis Bernard’s TCA is the answer to her prayers.  Should a client want to get in and out of the salon faster, she has the ability to pay less for her babysitter if her colorist uses TCA when her color is applied.  The few extra dollars she may be charged will pay for itself.

Utilizing TCA isn’t just about saving time and money.   The major reason to have TCA drops added to every color application applied in the salon is because of the benefits it provides.  These benefits include better coverage of gray, more shine in hair and less color fade.  The TCA formula is strictly comprised of antioxidants.  Most of us know how antioxidants in our green tea will cleanse the body internally and we understand that antioxidants in skin care products will slow the aging process.   Antioxidants in TCA will do the same.  Basically, antioxidants will slow the production of free radicals caused by the extra oxygen molecule in the developer.

Free radicals internally will age our organs.  Free radicals on our skin are amplified from sun exposure, cigarette smoking, consuming alcohol, sleep deprivation and other unhealthy lifestyles.   Antioxidants counter these free radicals that are attempting to damage our bodies.  Antioxidants are like little “Pacmen” that eat and destroy free radicals.  When applied to hair color it can only add benefits.  When TCA is added to hair color it will help blondes pop, it will prevent reds and other pigments from fading, it adds shine and helps cover resistant gray.

TCA drops are added to hair color with a plastic cap. It is then placed with the lowest heat setting under a dryer.  This procedure will process every hair color “every time” in 8 to 12 minutes.  Yes, every consistency, every cream and every liquid hair color brand and every time!  If however, you just place a cap over the color with TCA drops, without heat, it will process in half the time.  In other words if the color normally processes in 45 minutes it will process in 22 minutes.  No worries because it will never over process.   Even if the color is processed in the normal way, without a plastic cap, TCA drops should still be added for all the benefits mentioned above.  It can be added to all bleaches, demi, semi and permanent hair color.  Relaxers, perms and straighteners will all receive better results when TCA is added to the color formula.  Just keep in mind you can’t over use antioxidants.  It would be like saying you can over use tea tree, green tea or lavender.  Customers will tell their friends, they will be delighted by the lasting results and will drive more clients to your salon.  The regular cost of TCA is $19.95 and only adds pennies per application, well worth the joy of healthy hair and longevity of color and highlights.

Author: Vinnie Curcio
A Manufacturers Representative for professional beauty products for over 30 years

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