Fall & Winter Trend – Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are still very much on trend, especially for fall and winter. Many people find them easier to deal with during colder, less sweaty months. Bangs in summer can be pretty problematic if you live in a hot climate! But consider giving them a shot for fall or winter! Bangs are very chic, and emphasize your facial features– especially your eyes! They require a little maintenance since you’ll probably need a trim every six to eight weeks, but every salon I’ve ever been to provides bang trims as a free service to their clients.

Here are some different examples of types of bangs you can add to your ‘do, no matter the length!

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Conservative Side Swept Bangs – If you’re not sure bangs are right for you, consider some like in the style above. They’re long enough that they won’t take very long to grow out if you hate them, and can be easily pinned back.

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Wispy Side Swept Bangs – Wispy, brow-brushing bangs are a playful and flirty way to accentuate your eyes! They can still be pinned out of the way if need be, too. This style is ideal for those with heart-shaped faces like Reese Witherspoon.

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Light Full Fringe – Mischa Barton has been known to rock a fringe or two in her time, and she is a perfect example of how bangs can totally change up a simple hair style. The rest of her hair is usually pretty natural-looking. She wears it long with a few layers. She has quite delicate facial features, but her sweet wispy bangs frame everything up perfectly! Full fringes are definitely a little more maintenance than side swept bangs, but can be a dramatic and chic addition to any hairdo.

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Full Heavy Fringe – Full, thick bangs like this are extremely flattering on those who have a high forehead like Tyra Banks. They are also an easy way to shorten the appearance of a long, angular face and chin. Blunt-cut bangs like Tyra’s are very dramatic and require regular trims because they start to look haggard right away if you go without. But if you take care of them properly, you’ll look every bit the fashionista that she does!

So will you be adding bangs to do your ‘to do’ list this fall?

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