Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Junkies

With the holidays officially upon us, I thought it might be fun to share some stocking stuffer or small gift ideas for beauty junkies. The great thing about shopping for beauty junkies is there are certain things we can always use more of, and many of them are very affordable! Despite their small packaging, many beauty products have big price tags – I don’t know about you, but a $30 lipstick is not a stocking stuffer! Here are some that I would suggest when shopping for the beauty fiend on your list.

tweezers, blingy tweezers, stocking stuffers, rhinestone tweezers, beauty accessories1. Tweezers – Tweezers are one of the most useful little things for any girl’s purse, and yet they’re so easy to lose track of. You can always use an extra pair, and when they’re bedazzled like the ones pictured at left (Forever 21, $1.80) they’re even more fun and festive.

2. Bobby Pins – You can never have too many bobby pins. I once had an updo that required me to wear 15 in one night! Plus I’m always losing the dang things…it’s a good thing they’re so cheap. If you really want to be fancy you can get colored ones, but since I have dark hair I prefer basic black. Most of the time a pack of basic bobby pins won’t set you back more than a couple dollars.

3. Cotton Rounds – Okay you might think getting cotton rounds as a gift might sound totally lame, but as someone who uses the heck out of these I can tell you I’d be THRILLED. It’s one less thing I’d have to buy myself, and I use them for so many things! Manicures, applying facial treatment, toner, etc. I like the ones that are slightly textured; they’re great for tough to remove nail polishes like, those with glitter. Which brings me to…

nail polish, glitter nail polish4. Nail Polish – DUH! Who wouldn’t like to receive a little bottle of fun-colored goodness in their stocking?! There are some great nail polishes to be found for $5 or less from brands such as NYX, Milani, Wet ‘n Wild, and Sinful Colors.

5. Hair Elastics – Another pesky thing that is super useful but seems to get itself lost all the time. Where do all these rogue hair elastics go?! It doesn’t matter how many I have; I would always welcome more hair elastics. I prefer the “ouchless” or non-metal elastics because they don’t snag and yank your hair out. Little tiny elastics (they’re very thin, made out of plastic) are great for the hot braided styles that are everywhere these days, too.

6. Blot Papers – Is the beauty junkie on your shopping list a bit on the…um, shiny side? Blot papers are a great stocking stuffer. You might want to get them for someone you know uses them though, to avoid an unfortunate awkward moment if the receiver doesn’t know they need them. ;) I just found out that Forever 21 even has scented blot papers. Cool!

7. At-Home Facial Masks – You’ve seen these at every drugstore, I’m sure. They’re nifty 1-time use face masks in a little packet. Great for a quick gift, and who doesn’t need a little pampering between holiday get togethers?

8. Makeup Brushes – I have dozens of makeup brushes. Most makeup addicts do. And yet, I think most of us would say one can never have too many. Not all good makeup brushes have to be super expensive. I mean yeah I love my MAC brushes but they’re not all I use! E.L.F. actually has some surprisingly good brushes from $1-3. I recommend the studio powder brush (pictured, right) or their essential eyeshadow brush. You can get E.L.F. brushes from Target.

9. Lip Balm – I am never without lip balm. I have like, 4 of them in my desk as I’m writing this, at least one in my purse, another by the bed…okay well you get the idea. I can’t help myself; I live in the desert. All those fancy shmancy lipsticks and glosses aren’t going to do you any good if your lips look a mess, and lip balm will fix that. I’ve seen every flavor from cherry to cheez-it to no flavor at all, so have fun picking something out you know the beauty junkie on your shopping list will love!

10. When In Doubt, Travel Size – Mini sizes of our favorite shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc. are cute as they are functional. If you know your best beauty bud loves a certain lotion, a mini size for her purse would be a delightful surprise. You’ll be a gift giving hero!

Whether you’re the one doing the shopping, or if you’re leaving some subtle “hints” for your loved ones, this guide is sure to get you off to a great start. Happy shopping!

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