Reader Question – Flat Iron Damage

flat ironing hair, flat iron, styling hair with flat iron, straightening hair, straightening iron, hair ironBlog reader Chris asks…

Today I was straightening my hair, and I did it while it was wet on the sides then it made a frizz noise. Then I had a shower and cleaned my hair and stuff and it was all dry in that place that I starightened my hair when it was wet. I use a full hair repair spray every day, is my hair in that place now permanently damaged or is it still good because I only did it once? thanks :)

Stylebell says…

First, you should never straighten your hair while wet.  This is definitely the leading cause of dry and damaged hair.  I honestly don’t even recommend the wet – to – dry flat irons as in the long run it will definitely make your hair dry and damaged.

To help repair your hair I would not straighten your hair with a flat iron for at least one month.  Let it air dry as much as possible.  Also you can use a pure argan oil product like Maijan Oil to help repair your hair.  On a weekly basis warm up a little of the Maijan Oil in the microwave (it should be only slightly warm NOT HOT).  Massage the oil in your scalp and hair.  This is optional but take a towel wet it and put in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Take the towel and wrap around your head.  Leave in for as long as you like and wash out.  Continue doing this on a weekly basis.

You will see amazing results in your hair within weeks!

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