I Love Me Some Liz Earle

I normally don’t do skin care posts but I just had to share!  I love me some Liz Earle.  For the past 6 months I have been using the full Liz Earle line of products and have fell in love with every product.  Liz Earle is a British company skin care company that now sells in the US.  Their skin care line is all natural and uses essential oils as fragrances.   I use the daily cleanser and the both the light moisturizer and the nightly deep moisturizer.  After just a few weeks I saw a noticeable change in the texture of my skin.  The best part is there are no nasty chemicals in these products so I can feel good about using them.  It keeps my skin soft and incredibly smooth!  So much that my Mom noticed and now she is a huge Liz Earle fan as well!lize earle, brightening mask, brightening mask product review

The latest product I have  just started to use the Liz Earle brightening mask and I find that it gives me a very fresh clean that is completely glowing.  It is a good pick me up on a cold winter day like today.  The brightening mask has organic aloe vera, witch hazel and white clay, all excellent ingredients for keeping that glow on your face.    The texture of the product is nice a smooth and the smell is to die for.

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