Aussie Hair Insurance Review

aussie, aussie hair insurance, aussie hair, hair insurance, aussie conditionerToday is Drugstore Diva Day! I like featuring drugstore products when there’s one I love because it’s so nice to find a product that not only works great, but doesn’t cost much!

Aussie Hair Insurance. It’s pretty inexpensive at < $5 a bottle (price varies depending on where you get it. It is carried in different drugstores and grocers across the country). It’s infused with protein as well as jojoba oil and aloe, which sounded great. It’s a love connection! When I use Aussie Hair Insurance while blow drying, I get the silky smooth blowout I want without weighing down my fine hair.

How I Use Aussie Hair Insurance

1 – After showering, I blot my hair with a towel and squeeze moisture out of it.

2 – I apply tons of heat protector to my hair. How much you need will vary depending on how long or thick your hair is. You want to make sure your hair is thoroughly protected, so it’s easier to section your hair and make sure each section gets a spritz or two. Be generous! I’ve had my bottle of heat protector for months and I’ve barely made a dent in it even though I use it like crazy.

3 – Now I fire up my trusty T3 hair dryer and have at it. I use the fastest speed setting on the middle heat setting (this is the hottest I ever use with this dryer. My hair just does not need full heat– most doesn’t). At this point I’m not trying to do ANY styling. I’m just drying my hair. Rather than shake the dryer at my hair, I take sections, twist them loosely around my fingers once or twice, and pull them slightly taut, and blow dry down the hair from root to tip. I do this until my hair is about 80-90% dry.

4 – Once my hair is mostly dry I take the Aussie Hair Insurance and spray it generously into my hair. It smells wonderful (coconuts!) and I haven’t had any problems with too much of it weighing down my hair. If you tend to get oily at the roots, just don’t over apply it in that area.

5 – With my hair dryer on the fastest speed setting and now the lowest heat setting, I dry my hair again until the conditioner-sprayed areas don’t feel wet anymore. I use the same twist & taut method, and frequently run my fingers through my hair to make sure I’m getting any tangles out. A comb works better but I’m usually too lazy to grab mine. ;)

6 – As a final step I hit the cold shot button on my dryer and blast cold air around my roots. I read somewhere that this helps lock in your style. If you are going to other styling after your blowout you can skip this step.

The result is soft, swingy hair! If it’s been a while between cuts and my ends are a bit dry, sometimes I put a little more conditioner on the ends after I’ve dried them, but otherwise I’m good to go. And my hair smells like coconut yummies all day!

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